My Job Hunt Experience + How To Do It Better Than Me

I applied to over 100 jobs before finding a job. It was a doozy. I am going to try my hardest to keep this article as short as possible. But it will be lengthy regardless because it is a beefy topic and an experience that lasted three months. Let’s dive right in. Some Background AboutContinue reading “My Job Hunt Experience + How To Do It Better Than Me”

Interview Outfit Inspiration + My Favorite Office Attire

In my experience, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of an interview is deciding what outfit to wear. On one hand, I want to be professional. On the other, I want to wear something that will catch the eyes of my interviewers and make a lasting impression. I want to wear something comfortable, but notContinue reading “Interview Outfit Inspiration + My Favorite Office Attire”

Zoom interview tips to help you snag that job

The pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than we could’ve ever anticipated and we are expected to adapt to these changes, especially in our professional lives. This means that our classes, meetings, and interviews are more frequently than not moved to the world wide web to decrease face-to-face interaction. Interviews are daunting asContinue reading “Zoom interview tips to help you snag that job”