More About Me

Hi, my name is Cecilia and I am a broke blonde.

I am a young adult navigating her early twenties (poorly) and am using this blog as an outlet to share the information I have acquired to give myself more feeling of self-worth. And maybe I’ll help a few people along the way.

Recently, I graduated from a small liberal arts college on the east coast with a bachelor’s in child and family studies (no, not home ec; yes, psychology and sociology) and a combined major in Spanish. That’s right, I graduated amidst the pandemic, and it honestly put a real damper on the last three months of my undergraduate career. But, it was a learning experience that provided me with more knowledge to share on this platform.

I worked a few jobs while in college, including working as a teaching assistant for psychology research methods and statistics, a Resident and Lead Resident Assistant for our campus residential life, and a crew member at Moe’s Southwest Grill (which is better than Chipotle, but only because of the queso and tofu). I also spent a large chunk of my time working on research with psychology professors.

Currently, I am unemployed and looking tirelessly for a job in the city that I just moved to for graduate school. I am enrolled in a small university to pursue my master’s in family counseling. My classes will be online thanks to COVID-19, but that may allow me to have an easier transition into my graduate career.

In three years, I will graduate and enter the workforce as a marriage and family counselor. But, until then, I am looking for work that is even in the slightest bit related to my major.

Hobbies… I’m not sure that I have too many, and they definitely aren’t exciting enough to make me stand out from the crowd, like extreme rock climbing or knitting sweaters for penguins. Rather, I prefer to spend my free time cooking, playing games like Zelda and Sims, or painting with acrylics. I enjoy trying new beers and breweries with my boyfriend, going to concerts, and traveling to new places, but these have been put on hold recently.

I have traveled to a few places within the United States and outside. I’ve been to Bermuda, Mexico, and France for personal travel, and Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco as part of a study abroad experience. Each place has taught me more about the beauty of individual and cultural differences and I have learned to expand my personal perspective and mindset.

I think that’s a comprehensive rundown of who I am as a person. The title of this blog sums me up pretty concisely – I am a young broke blonde (okay, the “babe” part may have been a bit of a stretch). If you want to learn more about me or want to support what I am doing, follow this blog! You can also feel free to send me questions via my email or follow me on Instagram to hear more from me.

Thanks in advance for your support! 🙂

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