The Perfect Group Halloween Costume for You and Your Friends – Dress like the Cast of Selling Sunset


Christine is a blonde bombshell and she has the personality to match. She is fiery, honest, and brutal (especially to her rival, Chrishell). Her style is just as edgy as she is.

To be Cristine, you need to be bold. She often wears animal prints, such as leopard print or snakeskin. Her long, blonde hair is usually pulled back into a high ponytail, and she frequently spices it up with tight braids and hair jewelry. Try wearing a pair of dainty, fur heels to add another dimension to this look.

As for jewelry, Cristine layers her dainty necklaces. She has a ton of ear piercings and always flashes her ear bling.

Her makeup isn’t too flashy, besides her lips which are ALWAYS bold, bright, and sassy. Wear a bright red lip and a simple smokey eye makeup look to capture Cristine’s style.


Let’s move onto Cristine’s nemesis, Chrishell. Chrishell started season one as the “new girl” and her style reflected the soft and sweet woman that she was in these first episodes. However, as she gains more confidence in the Oppenheim Group, her style becomes bolder as well.

Chrishell always wears sweet colors and patterns. Florals are her go-to pattern and you can always find her wearing bright colors, like pink or salmon.

As for makeup, Chrishell’s eye makeup is never too flashy but always coordinates with her outfit. A pink dress calls for pink eye shadow and blush.

Chrishell’s staple jewelry piece is big hoop earrings, but otherwise doesn’t wear a ton of accessories.

Style your hair like Chrishell by wearing it down, long, and slightly wavy. Bonus points if your hair is brown and blonde balayage like hers.


Mary is the oldest member of the real estate agents in the Oppenheim Group, but she could easily pass for a twenty-five-year-old given her youthful glow and style. Mary does a great job at mixing classy with casual pieces.

Try pairing a tight dress with a jean jacket or blazer to get this classy-yet-casual look that Mary always rocks. She likes to wear bright colors, too, such as blues and pinks. Her favorite pattern or texture to wear is lace, adding to her soft style.

Mary’s short blonde hair is always worn down and is usually tucked behind one ear.

Makeup is always light when worn by Mary. Try natural makeup looks that brighten your face. Similarly, she typically favors light, dainty gold jewelry.

Throughout the seasons, more and more of Mary’s tattoos are revealed to the watchers. Bonus points if you invest in some temporary tattoos and wear them on your back and arms like Mary’s!


Heather is the innocent little sister of the group, trying her best to stay neutral on a lot of the drama that takes place inside and outside of the workplace. Similarly, her style is simple and soft, clearly in no competition with anybody else to be flashy or loud.

Heather typically wears a simple dress, that is a soft color or classic white. She infrequently wears any patterns, nor does she wear pieces that stray far from the normal dress silhouette.

Her makeup and jewelry, too, are simple. Go for a natural makeup look and wear small gold earrings with no necklace to capture Heather’s style.

Heather has healthy, mid-length blonde hair that is worn straight, down, blunt.

Heather does, however, seem to have lip fillers, so bonus points if you can overdraw your lips while maintaining a very natural look.


Maya is a strong and independent woman who takes no sh*t from any other member of the Oppenheim group, yet does so elegantly and with such class that she is easily liked by everybody. Maya grew up in Israel and moved to the United States where she quickly gained success and now gracefully balances her jobs as a real estate agent and a mom.

Maya maintains a professional look that comprises on earth tones and the occasional edgy piece. She is often seen wearing dark jeans, an earth-toned shirt, and a black leather jacket.

She favors the smokey eye look, but otherwise keeps it light with the makeup. To complement the earth tones of her wardrobe, she pairs her looks with dainty gold jewelry.

Style your hair straight, down, and braided on one side to capture Maya’s look.

Maya becomes a mom in season one of Selling Sunset and had another baby in season two. Bonus points if you tie this into your costume!


Davina is a character that I am personally still trying to figure out myself! She is sometimes quiet, reserved, and focused on her personal success, but other times finds herself involved in the drama of the group. Of these two sides of Davina, her style leans more towards the former.

Davina’s wardrobe is the least flashy or bright of all the women. To be Davina, wear a simple black dress.

She does, however, always spice up her look with a strong smokey eye to bring some more dimension to her otherwise simple look.

Davina’s black hair is always straight and worn down with no other styling.

Her speech is rather monotonous, so bonus points if you can maintain the same monotony while dressed up as her.

Selling Sunset


Amanza was introduced to the show on season two. She and Mary seem to have an extensive past relationship together and the two quickly reveal and maintain this close friendship. Amanza is a single mom who works hard to offer her children the best lives possible and has the badass personality and style to complement her work ethic.

Amanza always wear statement clothing pieces. Try to find darker and earthy tones that are uncommon patterns. Further, the shapes of her pieces are edgy and flashy, too, with unique silhouettes.

To match this bold style, Amanza can be seen wearing a slicked back high ponytail or bun.

Her bold style doesn’t stop here. Pair this look with statement silver earrings and a statement necklace to match.

Her makeup, however, isn’t often anything more than a simple and natural look. Wear a nude lipstick to tie everything together.

Jason and Brett

The twin brothers who own the Oppenheim group are stylish in a professional way. They are, by no means, as flashy as the women in the group. Rather, they choose to wear classic styles.

Wear a checkered button up shirt, paired with blue trousers and brown dress shoes to capture their look. Sometimes, they are seen wearing glasses, too, whether they wear them for reading or for fashion.

The brothers have small dogs that sometimes visit the office. Bonus points of you carry around a stuffed (or real!) dog.


Romain is the mid-twenties French hottie that Mary dates and eventually marries in season two. Romain is kind but can bite back when he is mocked or talked about by any of the women in the Oppenheim Group.

To style your look like Romain, wear a simple, black, collared, button up shirt. Maybe leave the last few buttons unbuttoned. Any dark jean works to match Romain’s style.

Romain has thick, full, voluminous black hair that is always styled perfectly. He also has dark and full eyebrows, so bonus points if you can fill your eyebrows to capture this look.

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