“Big Mouth” Hormone Monstress and Monster Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner (kinda, not really… Okay, it’s only the middle of September, but sometimes you gotta start planning early!) which means that it’s time to pick the perfect Halloween costume.

Halloween may look a little different this year thanks to COVID-19, unless you live in a country which has leadership that handled the pandemic responsibly… But that doesn’t mean you don’t have an excuse to dress up this year. Maybe dress up and have a mini Halloween party with your roommates or family members. Maybe dress up and do a Zoom call with friends to socialize from a distance. Regardless, if you get creative, you can find a reason to get into costume this year.

Who is the Hormone Monstress?

You may be wondering who the Hormone Monstress is, or what Big Mouth is. If you are wondering, that means you haven’t watched the show, and if that’s the case – shame on you! Just kidding, sort of.

Big Mouth is an iconic animated series that follows a class of middle schoolers who are transitioning through puberty, poking fun at the awkward time of our lives while also doing a great job of educating and normalizing things like menstrual cycles, body hair, and emerging sexual urges.

The Hormone Monster and Hormone Monstress are the physical embodiments of hormones and are assigned to the tweens once they enter puberty to guide them in their decision-making processes. Both characters are witty, comical, and raw. The Hormone Monstress, or Connie, is sassy and flirty, and she has great style and confidence.

I dressed up as the Hormone Monstress last year for Halloween and it was easily my favorite Halloween costume that I have ever worn, which says a lot because I live for Halloween. My boyfriend accompanied me and dressed up as the Hormone Monster, and we got more compliments on our costumes than I can count! Our costumes were immediately recognizable to anybody who has seen or heard of Big Mouth.

Great! How do I get the look?

For reference, here is a picture of my costume from last year paired with the scene that I was imitating in this picture! Now I’ll get into the individual pieces that made this costume come together.

First and foremost, I had to find a top and bottoms that were similar enough to Connie’s fur that it would be recognizable enough to only wear plain clothes and not wear a full costume. Her fur is a reddish brown and a golden yellow, and she has long fluffy dark reddish-brown hair. So, I was looking for a top and a bottom that incorporated earthy red, orange, and yellow tones.

I found an orange body suit at Forever 21 that I thought looked similar enough to Connie’s darker fur. I found a yellow miniskirt that was pretty dang close to her yellow fur. Both items were functional, too. They were comfortable and the long sleeved body suit offered some warmth for when I would be out at night on Halloween weekend.

The next iconic piece that I knew I had to find was an accessory to match Connie’s horns. I found a headband on Amazon that was originally made for devil horns, I believe, and painted over the original colors with a pattern that matched that of Connie’s horns. This part of the process took the longest and required the most effort, so plan accordingly!

To tie in the dark red of Connie’s hair (since I am very much blonde and not at all brunette), I bought a burgundy scrunchie that had fabric ribbons hanging down and styled my hair in a half up, half down style using the scrunchie. It added that color without requiring me to wear a wig or change my hair color.

Speaking of hair, Connie’s hair is long and full, so I decided to wear my hair straight and fluffy.

For the shoes, I considered buying a pair of yellow heels or boots to match Connie’s yellow hooves. I considered thrifting a pair of shoes to then paint yellow. Ultimately, I found a pair of black, square-toed leather booties that I knew I could use for the outfit and in my daily style. They were thrifted and a bit beat up, but were comfortable enough, stylish, and a really great brand, too!

I found some really awesome, big and dangly tortoise shell earrings at Forever 21 while shopping for this costume that I couldn’t resist finding an excuse to buy. I figured they matched the tone of my costume well enough that I could use that an a reason to purchase the earrings, but the earrings were also cute and functional enough that I would (and do) wear them all the time in my day-to-day style!

Connie does have fangs, so I invested a bit in stick on fangs that individually stuck to my teeth. I used denture cream to adhere them to my teeth, which was a bit weird and definitely had a strange texture, but it did the job. The set that I purchased were great, too, because there were varying fang sizes.

Connie’s hands are a pale cream/white color, so wearing gloves would work well for this costume. I decided to just paint my nails white to tie in that color scheme. I also purchased fur bracelet thingies that I wanted to dye yellow, but the dye didn’t stick, and I ended up not using them at all.

Lastly, I am far from a makeup guru and wouldn’t consider myself anything more than half decent at applying my own makeup, so I kept it minimal. Connie has orangish eyebrows, so I filled my brows thicker than usual and colored them with a reddish-orange eye shadow. I used a corresponding palelte for my eye makeup, which I applied rather heavy and with a smokey look in mind. For lipstick, Connie’s lips are a dark pinkish color, so I applied pink matte lipstick.

For the Hormone Monster

Here’s a bonus for you – if you have a friend who wants to dress up as the Hormone Monster, here are a few clothing items that my boyfriend wore to get the look.

We thrifted a pair of dark brown pants and a tan/yellow long-sleeved shirt from Goodwill. The pants were very baggy and big on my boyfriend, which we thought captured the way the Hormone Monster sits back on his legs a bit. The shirt was tight on my boyfriend, also capturing the fact that the Hormone Monster doesn’t wear a shirt.

For the Hormone Monster’s ears and single horn, we purchased a unicorn headband from Amazon, and I painted it the in the same pattern as the Hormone Monster’s horn. I added cardboard pieces to the headband to act as his ears, which I also painted accordingly.

We paired the look with a green fanny pack to mimic the one the Hormone Monster wears in this scene. This was functional, too, to carry our phones, wallets, keys, and extra fangs!

My boyfriend also wore the same fangs that I wore. We painted his chest with black eyeliner to match the chest hair and collarbones of the Hormone Monster.

We had so much fun with this costume last year. I think we executed it pretty well, which makes it difficult to top this year!

Hopefully this post serves as some inspiration for you, and maybe you’ll even dress up as the Hormone Monster and/or Monstress! If you do, send me a picture to brokeblondebabeblog@gmail.com!!!

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